I listen to lots of music. In my collection, there are over 600 albums (real vinyl!) and more than 1200 compact discs. It's inevitable that I'll formulate some opinions about the music I listent to. And I'm very generous with my opinions: in these pages, I'll make them known. (Of course, since I'm more than twenty years old, I'll use the term "records" to refer to CDs and cassettes in addition to the "special vinyl issues" that are sometimes made available.)

You can click-through to amazon.com and buy anything you think you might like. Other than the kickbacks amazon.com gives me (which, so far, total zero), I'm not compensated in any way for these reviews. Unlike nearly any other music review source you'll read, I'm paying out of my own pocket for the titles that I review.

I hope you enjoy my point of view.

Date Reviewed Artist Name and Album Title Summary
30 November, 2002

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
The Last DJ

A strong songwriting effort with a solid musical performance. But disappointing subject matter for a theme record. more...  
30 November, 2002 David Byrne
Look Into the Eyeball
31 March, 2003


Churning rock from an unlikely supergroup.more...