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20 March, 1995

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President:

I was writing because I wanted to know if you liked to go bowling. I joined a bowling league last fall and I have a lot of fun bowling with my friends. Renting bowling shoes costs $1.25 each night, so I bought my own shoes to save some money. Even though they cost almost $32, I will end up saving $5 through the whole season because I don't have to pay the rental fee anymore. Maybe I will invest the money in a retirement fund because the government has so completely screwed up the Social Security Program I might not otherwise have money for my retirement.

I have my own ball. It is gray and weighs 14 pounds and has my name "Mike" written on it. I asked the man at the bowling alley to put "Tarzan" on it because all of my friends call me "Tarzan", but he forgot or something and just put "Mike" on it.

Anyway, I wanted to write you a letter and so I could know if you like to go bowling too. It is great fun. I bowled a 179 game last week. It was my best game for a little while. Last season I bowled a 206. I hope I can bowl in my league again that well this year. Maybe if you have time you should go bowling. Since you need four people for a team, maybe you should ask your wife Hillary and your friend Newt Gingrich to go. If you asked Vice President Al Gore to go, too, he would probably have fun with you and be flattered that you thought of him when you wanted to go out and have some fun.

Well, I know you are busy running the country and all so I will say good-bye. I hope you have time to go bowling soon, though. You could probably use the break since you are so busy all of the time.


Mike Blaszczak
6260 139th Avenue, NE
Apartment #79
Redmond, Washington