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5 July, 1997

Carole Mikita
KSL Television
55 North Third West
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Mrs. Mikita:

Each year, I ride my motorcycle across country. It's really a swell vacation: I get to see the whole country and spend lots of time thinking.

This year, I stopped near Ogden, Utah. Since I had ridden all day, I ordered a dinner from room service and spent the evening watching television. At the end of the newscast, a fistfight that erupted at a meeting of Taiwanese leaders was shown.

Your reaction to that footage is why I am writing: I have never seen anyone on television make such an eloquent and concise comment on an event. I didn't note the male anchor's name, but it might have been Bruce Lindsay. He mentioned that the Taiwanese were very aggressive in showing their emotions while passionately arguing issues before the government.

The male anchor said the Taiwanese way might implement a better system when compared to the American system that's shrouded in rules, procedure, and propriety. Your response to the other anchor was simply "Whatever". What a beautiful statement! "Whatever", indeed! With this simple sentence fragment, you concisely showed that you didn't have any clue whatsoever, and furthermore that you didn't care at all! Such a painfully deep level of apathy isnít very common, but your uncanny ability to express it is unparalleled!

KSL is lucky to have you. Most news anchors platter on endlessly, and leave the viewer wondering if the personality has a hint or not. You dismissed any doubt in just one word! Congratulations on a job well done!



Mike Blaszczak
6260 139th Avenue Northeast
Apartment #79
Redmond, Washington