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1 October, 1995

Ms. Margaret Thatcher
House Of Lords
Houses of Parliament

Dear Maggie:

I've been writing a little bit of poetry. Want to hear some? Here's a verse that I came up with the other day:

On the flight from Philadelphia
I met a very demanding Chinese man.
Apparently, he felt that something was
very wrong with the chicken dish.

I'm not sure where to take it from there, though. I could make it really funny, or kind of sad. I think my poems should offer more of an insight to myself, though. Maybe this one shows what I really mean by that:

    Sometimes when I am sad and blue
    I like to stand on my car and yell "Dig!"
    at the very top of my lungs, but with finesse
    just like Jimi Hendrix does in that one song.

I'm not sure people would read it if they knew it was actually about me, though. I'm ont saying that I'm just writing poems to make money. No! Of course not! I would just much prefer that people actually read what I write. Here's another one based on a true story:

    I got the new Prince album
    and have been listening to it at work
    I invented lots of funny dances
    but was embarrassed when my boss
    opened the door suddenly

I think I like the true-story one better. It has a very strong air of realism, don't you think?

I heard that you like writing poetry, too. Will you send me some of your work? I am sure that I would enjoy reading it. Well, all the best. I hope to hear from you soon! It's been so long since you've written me one of your entertaining letters.


Mike Blaszczak
6260 139th Avenue, Northeast
Apartment #79
Redmond, Washington