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31 July, 1997

Linda Lirette
Western States Mortgage
Bellevue, Washington

Dear Ms. Lirette:

I wanted to drop you a note in order to express my thanks for helping me secure a mortgage. When my shoulder is not to the wheel at Microsoft, I've been spending my time unpacking and picking out furniture, so this note has been a long time coming. But I was thrilled that you were able to work around my vacation and the other issues that came up during the purchase process.

I'll sure try to recommend my friends who are shopping for homes to you, but perhaps a better way for me to repay you would be to offer to help you more directly at work. Do you ever run special promotions? I have my own gorilla suit, and would be happy to stand out on Northup Way, in front of your building, saving at cars that go by.

Since it's hard to communicate with other people while wearing the mask, though, maybe you could supply a big Barbie Dollhouse and a wad of bills. That way, I could show people, at a glance, that I was promoting a mortgage company. Pretty slick, huh?

I'm a member of the Union, so I can't work for free. But if you'd like to schedule a gig, please let me know and Iíll make the arrangements. I need a little lead time, since security is always a concern.

Again, thanks for your help.



Mike Blaszczak
19106 Northeast 51st Street
Redmond, Washington