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19 October, 1996

Mr. Dave Thomas
Wendy's International
Dublin, Ohio

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I recently went to my favorite local Wendy's outlet to have some lunch. While waiting for my hamburger (and fries and soda and chicken sandwich), I noticed that a picture of your own bad self was hanging over the register.

I was thrilled because the picture was autographed, and the inscription was made out to someone named Mike, which is also my name. The inscription said something like "You're doing a great job!".

Mr. Thomas, I've been struggling with clinical depression for the last year and the picture that I saw was very inspiring to me because it was so implicitly validating. I imagined that you, yourself, were recognizing me for always trying my best and doing the right thing. Just for a moment, I pretended that I was the "Mike" for whom you had signed that picture and I felt very happy and confident.

I've been feeling better, lately. I'm almost out of the woods, but having a signed picture of my own, really inscribed to me, would make me feel so much better. I'm hoping, Mr. Thomas, that you can send one along if you have the time. It would mean a lot to me.


Mike Blaszczak
Redmond, Washington