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Note: This is a joke. I'm not planning any legal action against Bridgestone. I do now use different tyres on my motorcycle, but that's because they last longer and offer a more positive feel.

19 December, 1995

Bridgestone Tire Company
1000 Bridgestone Drive
Akron, Ohio

Dear Sir or Madam:

While driving to work a few days ago, I heard a very shocking advertisement on the radio. The spot extolled the virtues of one of the local tire shops which featured Bridgestone tires. I was aghast to find that Bridgestone is selling a new brand of all-weather tire for passenger vehicles. Undoubtedly, you're familiar with this line of tire, called "The Blizzak".

I have enjoyed using Bridgestone tires myself. They were original equipment on my Honda CRX, and my beloved 1995 Honda VFR-750F motorcycle featured a set of Bridgestone performance street radials.

You can bet, though, that I'll be switching over to Michelins very soon. Not only do all of my motorcycle riding friends agree that Michelins offer their sport bikes much better handling, they have a much better tread-life rating. On top of it all, Michelin knows their place; they are an honorable company that would never think of using a name so similar to that of a hard-working, upstanding man such as myself.

You see, your trademarked name "Blizzak" is suspiciously similar to my last name, "Blaszczak". Of course, I'm just your average Joe—I don't have the money to run with a pack of lawyers and trademark my own family name. But, since push has come to shove, I'm afraid that I have started to consider retaining counsel and filing suit against you, The Bridgestone Tire Company. You see, since the release of this new line of Bridgestone tires, sales of my book ("The Revolutionary Guide to Win32 Programming with Visual C++") have tapered off sharply.

After long talks with my publisher and their distributors, I've found that people are going to bookstores and asking for "the Blizzak Book". The sales clerks, confounded by the similarity, are hard-pressed to help these people.

Before I decide to spend money on an attorney, I wanted to offer your company one last chance at responding to this problem. If you submit a proposal to me which allows me to sell my book at register-side stands in your network of Bridgestone-authorized dealerships, for example, I guess we might be able to forget the whole matter.

Otherwise, expect to hear from my attorney. You should be ashamed for stepping on little guys like me—and you should be made to pay!


Mike Blaszczak
6260 139th Avenue, Northeast
Apartment #79
Redmond, Washington