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7 November, 1995

IBM Direct
Customer Service Center
345 Wilson Avenue
South Norwalk, Connecticut

Dear Sir or Madam:

I recently purchased a ThinkPad Backpack for my new IBM ThinkPad. I am writing to inform you of a shortcoming I noticed in the pack after opening it: it doesn't include a lucky penny.

Many people around the world keep the practice of placing a coin of very small value in new items of luggage, wallets, or purses, so that the recipient enjoys good fortune in the use of their gift. Unfortunately, IBM Direct failed to do this for my new ThinkPad backpack and now I am suffering the consequences. Here are some examples:

I noticed that there were two cards in the bag. One said that the bag was inspected by Inspector Number 23, and the other was inspected by Inspector Number 10. I'm worried that one of these two inspectors has it out for me; why did they not provide a lucky penny like everyone else would? Perhaps there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. Maybe Inspector Number 10 has some bad gambling debits and steals the pennies placed by Inspector Number 23. Could that be? Would Inspector Number 10 be idiotic enough to literally leave their calling card after such a theft?

I hope that you will perform a background check on your existing quality assurance employees, and make sure that new employees are subject to the same research before a hiring decision is made. This kind of embezzlement must be costing you millions of dollars every year and untold dismay in the lives of your customers.



Mike Blaszczak
6260 139th Avenue Northeast, #79
Redmond, Washington