My name is Mike Blaszczak, and I'm a software architect at Microsoft. I work on SQL Server, in the Data Warehousing business unit. Every day, I do all sorts of different stuff—but I'm really responsible for the design and architecture of the Data Transformation Services tools, which ship in every SQL Server box.

I'm a ten-year veteran of Microsoft. I joined the SQL Server team after eighteen months in Microsoft's Hardware group and more than five years in Languages Business Unit. There, I worked on MFC and its related tools.

This is my personal website. You can use this page to learn about me (for whatever reason you'd want to do that) and the things I've written, or you can browse through it to find cool jumps to other things you might not have found elsewhere. Most of the content you'll find here is just about what you'll find on a typical vanity website—but I've tried to go a little bit beyond the regular self-indulgent stuff and tried to provide interesting code samples, meaningful reviews, and useful links.

Drop me a note at and tell me what you think.


These web pages were created by me, Mike Blaszczak—they do not reflect the policy or opinions of Microsoft Corporation. The products and services and beers mentioned on these pages are for reference only. No endorsement or recommendation is implied. I am not affiliated with the Orlando Police, the Hartford Whalers, Honda Motor Corporation, Wendy's, or Madonna.


Some of the topics discussed on these pages aren't pleasant: if you're easily offended by the sick little things that sometimes happen in real life, maybe you shouldn't read these pages. Sometimes I cuss. Sometimes, I even sneeze while my head is helplessly strapped inside of my motorcycle helmet.