Very Old Shareware (16 bit code!)


Date Size Platform
LANGLOAD.ZIP 18 October, 1999 1790 98, ME, 2000, XP
LANGLOAD shows how to use the LANGUAGE keyword in a resource file to mark language-specific resources. The sample builds two string tables, one for French and one for English. The code in the sample sets the locale ID before calling LoadString(). First, the English locale is set—then, the French locale. As a result, the code is able to load each string to be printed. Setting the locale just proves the sample. In a real application, you'd rely on the default locale set by the user for their preferences in the system. Note that the API used to set the locale is only available on Windows NT, so the sample only works on Windows NT. But the locale setting is available on Windows 98 and Windows 95, so the technique of using the LANGUAGE to manage different resources for each locale is applicable even on those operating systems.      
NJFIND16.ZIP   33057 DOS, Windows 3.x
This 16-bit DOS tool traverses all directories on all drives on your machine and finds files which match the template you specify. Searches inside ZIP, ARC, ARJ, DWC, ZOO, and PAK files for matches, too! Extremely fast, with powerful command-line user interface. Formerly Shareware.